Thermo-Regulated Clothing

CoolGuard collection certified for thermal insulation (Clo) is a functional workwear providing optimum level of worker’s thermal comfort.

CoolGuard products control user’s body temperature thanks to the application of special combination of moist transpiring (cooling) fibres - Coolmax® and fibres protecting against cold - Thermolite® Additionally, textiles used for manufacturing CoolGuard products are coated with silver ions protecting against bacteria proliferation at the clothing’s surface. This technology helps preserving neutral smell of the products for the whole period of use and maintenance. CoolGuard collection includes a full range of products from underwear to outerwear, while multiple models and cuts allow for optimal selection of products to a specific type of work. Additionally, some selected products in the collection meet high visibility (EN ISO 20471) and anti-electrostatic (EN 1149-5) parameters.

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We recommend completing CoolGuard protective clothing with personal protective equipment:

  • Bennon Bombis Lite S1P footwear
  • Uvex I-Works glasses

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