ArcGuard protective clothing collection, certified in accordance with IEC 61482-2, is a wide range of clothing protecting against thermal effects of electric arc. Pursuant to IEC 61482, ArcGuard brand is available in 1 and 2 protection class. Moreover, a part of its range is additionally ATPV tested, in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61482-1-1.

This highly specialised clothing is based on carefully selected textiles, haberdashery and finishing elements, warranting optimal safety. ArcGuard collection offers a full range of solutions, from basic protective parameter products (Proban® type retardant impregnation) to more technological y advanced clothing made from permanently retardant, modacrylic and aramid fibres (Nomex®). Additionally, specially designed and tested cut of clothing significantly increases the protection degree of people in contact with electric installations. The collection includes a full products range from underwear to outwear. ArcGuard products are featured with exceptional resistance to industrial cleaning and tested for multiple washing cycles.

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We recommend completing ArcGuard protective clothing with personal protective equipment increasing safety of employees exposed to thermal effects of electric arc, including, but not limited to:

  • V-Gard® 950 protective helmet
  • Eureca Heat FR Arc Flash gloves resistant to electric arc
  •  “Buff”, i.e. the so called balaclava, made from Nomex® fibre knitted fabric.
  • Huzar S3 protective footwear