To ensure the highest level of services and high quality of offered products, Krystian draws its special attention to used materials and components and to adequate supply chain, establishing long-term cooperation with reliable and experienced producers only.

Among our key partners you can find the following companies:

We are a platinum distributor of 3M company. Since 2012 Krystian has also been the largest in Poland buyer of ScotchliteTM fluorescent tapes that ensure constant quality and reliability as well as high protection level related to the visibility of our clothes. Krystian is also a leader of ThinsulateTM insulation purchases – including its  FR retardant version. It allows us to produce protective clothing of adequate light-weight and thermal insulation parameters. High quality of ThinsulateTM fabrics is proven with tests and certificates of notified laboratories. Also, our company is a member of 3MTM Safety Club and belongs to an elite group of distributors of DBI SalaTM protective  equipment protecting against fall from height. Every year, in cooperation with 3M, we co-organise Night Demo Show conferences – 8 editions of the event gathered more than 500 people.

TenCate is a leading worldwide producer of retardant materials and our partner in the field of textiles for the production of protective clothing. TenCate is a holder of know-how related to textiles used for safety clothing for various industries’ workers and it has an unique products range.  As one of TenCate’s strategic partners, we are able to very quickly design and manufacture brand new collections, based on a wide range of TenCate fabrics – high quality, innovative materials providing high protection level clothing. Together with TenCate, we cooperate on both, product development and education related to occupational hygiene and safety in Poland. Together with TenCate we are members of Koalicji Bezpieczni w Pracy [Safe at Work Coalition], the organiser of the biggest industry competition OHS Staff Championships.

Global producer of textiles, with extensive knowledge on protective materials, one of European market leaders, offering among others specialised and coated textiles (e.g. with waterproof membranes). High quality and accessibility of textiles made by Concordia let us implement new, innovative products to offer our Customers highly waterproof and wind-insulated products.

Producer of Nomex® retardant textiles. As the only Polish producer of clothing, since 2011 we have been a member of a special program for partners, run by the DuPont company.   Due to this partnership our company has the access to experimental platform and research laboratories ArcMAN®, Thermo Man® i MoltenmetalMan where we are able to test our products and create more and more innovative solutions which  allow  us to deliver high quality clothing  tested in the real hazard conditions. Krystian products made from Nomex® fibres are available in catalogues of DuPont company. We were also granted a permit to mark our products with that producer’s brand name. Additionally, we are proud of receiving the DuPontTM Growth Award 2014 which is awarded for dynamic development.

COATS is a worldwide supplier of high quality threads used in the production of occupational and protective clothing. For clothing production, Krystian uses braided core threads of high tensile strength, which significantly enhance resistance and durability of our products. COATS awarded company with the title of the best industrial market purchaser of professional threads.

YKK is a global supplier of zips. We decided to use products of that company in our protective clothes after multiple reliability tests of zips offered by various leading producers operating in the market. After we had started to use YKK products, the number of complaints related to zips failures dropped by 15%.


Significant sector of our operations is the partnership with notified institutes. Our company cooperates with many research units with regard to testing the materials resistance, determining proper sizes of clothing or using innovative technologies in clothing production.

Our key partners within that field are:


Institute carrying out academic research as well as implementation and development works related to material engineering, polymers, textile chemicals, nano- and micro-technology, biotechnology, textile techniques and technology. Krystian regularly cooperates with the Institute with regard to checking properties of materials used, their basis weight, material composition and piling properties. We systematically test artificial light resistance, UV resistance, resistance to acidic and alkaline perspiration, dry and wet rubbing. We  also monitor the strength and waterproofness of textiles and seams. Due to the Institute’s infrastructure, we are able to precisely test breaking loads, electrostatic properties or resistance of our clothing to high temperature.


Institutes dealing with adapting work environment to psychical and physical capabilities of humans. As  a part of our cooperation we test our products’ resistance to such substances as: highly concentrated acids, alkaline, o-xylene and butanol.


The main purpose of the Institute’s operation is the development of innovative textile structures and technologies and their implementation into industrial practice. Krystian cooperates with the Institute within the field of testing the physical and chemical properties of textile samples and samples of finished products, i.e. tests of basis weight, material composition, pilling properties, strength of materials and seams, braking loads.


It is our main partner with regard to determining luminance coefficient and chromaticity coordinates of textiles we are using.


In IPS laboratories we carry out luminance coefficient and chromaticity coordinates tests.


It is a key Krystian’s partner for testing the materials’ level of protection against thermal effects of electrical arc.


Together with Technical Institute Centexbel we carry out research on impact of different size particles released from materials or finished products on work environment.


As a part of cooperation with the Łódź Technical University we check thermal insulation of our protective clothing.


Krystian cooperates with the Radom Humanistic and Technical University sharing the experience on materials science, waterproofness of textiles and seams.