Our company is recognized by reliable and on-time supplies. Our operational efficiency is driven by optimised logistic processes and advanced IT solutions.


The area of our warehouse exceeds 2000 sq. m. and it is equipped with the latest order pick and pack management software and integrated despatching system. Due to this we are able to serve our customers within many locations across Europe and reach the most demanding locations on time.


We have implemented IT platform to facilitate information exchange and improve order placing process by automating the process of placing and completing orders. The system we have adopted allows to not only easily place product orders but also to manage the whole process related to the personal protection equipment.

B2B commerce platform is an integrated, comprehensive IT system for company personal protection equipment (PPE) management, perfectly adjusted to the users’ needs. It offers our Customers a number of useful functionalities, including:

  • unlimited number of orders which can be placed on-line (with key activities automated)
  • management of separated individual warehouse (ensuring quick completion of subsequent orders)
  • keeping employee files  (enabling constant access to warehouse documents, orders and invoices)
  • using RFID product identification - FollowMe® system
  • integration with ERP system and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) support
  • possibility to generate various reports (orders, rentals, reservations, etc.)
  • servicing companies of various organisational forms (including multi-level structures)
  • possibility to rent specialised equipment and machinery

All our Customers using the B2B platform are provided with access to detailed user manual, help of sales assistant and possibility to participate in trainings for system users.