Directive 89/686/EEC implemented classification and certification procedures for individual personal protection equipment. Each of products offered by Krystian is marked with adequate graphic symbols to make determining the intended use of the products fast and easy.

EN ISO 14116
Protective clothing against flame.
EN 1149-5
Protective clothing – electrostatic properties. Product with this certificate may be used in chemical, petrochemical industries and explosive zones.
EN 13034 i EN 14605
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals. EN 13034 certificate refers to PPE warranting protection against liquid chemicals of 6 and PB6 type. EN 14605 symbol refers to products protecting against chemicals in liquid (type 3) and misted state (type 4) and warranting partial body protection in these cases (type PB3 and PB4).
EN 342
Protective clothing against cold.
EN 343
Protective clothing against rain.
EN ISO 20471
High visibility protective clothing intended to construction, transportation and port industries.
EN ISO 11611
Protective clothing for welding to be used in heavy, construction and shipyard industries.
EN ISO 11612
Protective  clothing against heat.
IEC 61482-2
Protective  clothing – works under voltage.
EN 469
Protective clothing for fireman.