Innovations And Research

Significant portion of our revenue is allocated to research and development. We invest in future, creating own solutions related to production processes and warehousing.  We have in-house research laboratory and use research back-up facilities of our certified suppliers.

As DuPont’s Partner we were granted access to Thermo-Man® apparatus (a dummy equipped with 122 sensors for temperature measurement). For the test, the dummy wears the workwear and then, it is subjected to flames from propane torch. The test imitates conditions present during typical fuel fire, during which the temperature may reach 1000°C. Sensors record the temperature rise at the dummy’s surface, while computer software calculates the estimated percentage of body’s surface that, in similar conditions, may suffer second- and third-degree burns. The test allows also for determining the location of burns and their evolution in time and defines changes to survive the accident (in %) depending on the person’s age.

Another simulator we use for testing our products is DuPont™ Arc-Man®. It is an exceptional testing instrument allowing us to determine to which degree the materials and clothing elements protect against thermal effects of electric arc of the temperature reaching 20 000°C. Tests performed using DuPont™ Arc-Man® help us to evaluate and compare protective properties of various fabrics and deliver key information which enable us to select the best fabrics and clothing for  protection against high temperature created by electric arc. Arc-Man® tests are carried out in Technical Centre of DuPont company in Switzerland.

Additionally, Krystian regularly carries out in-house tests for newly launched products. Test of resistance to sparks generated during works with a disc grinder is one of them. During the tests we verify the resistance of textiles and knitted fabrics to sparks.

Significant sector of our operations is the partnership with notified institutes. We regularly cooperate with research units in relation to testing the materials’ resistance, determining proper sizes of clothing or using innovative technologies in clothing production. Our key partners within that field are: Instytut Włókiennictwa [Textile Institute], Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy [Central Institute of Labour Protection], Instytut Technologii Bezpieczeństwa [Safety Technology Institute], MORATEX, Instytut Transportu Drogowego [Road Transport Institute], AITEX Textile Research Institute, Instytut Techniczny Centexbel [Centexbel Technical Institute], Politechnika Łódzka [Łódź Technical University], Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-Techniczny Radom [Radom Humanistic and Technical University], Sächsische Textilforschungsinstitut.


Currently, Krystian participates in European Smart & Safe Work Wear research, as a part of European Interreg initiative. The main goal of the programme is to improve the competitiveness of workwear producers in the Baltic Sea region. The project focuses on better adaptation of clothing to diversified needs of final users and on the application on innovative IT technologies in the workwear production process. Read more.

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