Under HSE regulations, protective clothing include personal protection equipment which covers or completely replaces personal clothing. Employees, who use it, protect itself against numerous mechanical, chemical, thermal, biological hazards and weather conditions. To be sure that protective clothing fulfils its tasks well, it must be suitably certified, confirming its compliance with standards corresponding to conditions employee is exposed to at work.  See more.

Krystian’s products meet these expectations very well. Our protective clothing include blouses, trousers and insulated warning jackets, body warmers and vests, t-shirts and polo shirts, bid and brace trousers, soft-shell blouses, protective coats, basic hoods, aprons and overalls – protecting against risks present at various work stations.

Our collections were designed and classified depending on specific risks present in individual  industries or branches. You can find here protective clothing intended for companies operating in power engineering industry, chemical, natural gas and fuel industries as well as for retail networks. We deliver a very wide range of protective products; we produce workwear for explosive areas as well as high visibility clothing ensuring high visibility on roads and in construction sites. Our collections include retardant clothing for welders and clothing to use in “clean zones”.

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UV-protective clothing