FlameGuard collection, certified in accordance with EN ISO11612 and EN ISO 11611, is a wide range of clothing protecting against heat, flame and sparks.

Its safety is based on cotton and polyester-cotton textiles impregnated with Proban® retardant. Various basis weights of fabrics, present in FlameGuard branded products allow for optimum worker protection against mechanical and thermal damages that may occur during welding or works involving hot elements. The collection includes also specialised models made from natural fibres warranting full safety while working with liquid metals. FlameGuard products are tested by recognised European research laboratories for many parameters determining the degree of their efficiency. Clothing is certified for 50 washing cycles, ensuring full safety during long-term use.

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We recommend to complete FlameGuard protective clothing with personal protective equipment of 3M brand:

  • 3M Speedglass welder's helmet
  • Eureca Allround Welding welder’s protective gloves
  • Welder S3 protective footwear