ChemGuard collection, certified in accordance with EN 13034 and EN 14605, is a wide range of III category clothing, protecting against liquid chemicals.

For the manufacturing of ChemGuard products, we use textiles fully made from synthetic fibres or made with a major portion of synthetic fibres, which create best protective barrier for acids and alkalis. Textiles used for the production of ChemGuard collection are impregnated with fluorocarbon compounds which create additional protective coating for the case of any user’s contact with hazardous substance. ChemGuard clothing is high quality products, resistant to industrial cleaning, which preserve their protective properties even after 100 washing cycles, if properly maintained. Numerous tests, each model of ChemGuard collection is subjected to, warrant safe and comfortable works in the most hazardous conditions.

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We recommend completing ChemGuard protective clothing with personal protective equipment by Honeywell and DuPont, e.g.: