Basic version of MultiGuard Collection protects against three types of hazards: flame (EN ISO 11612), static electricity (EN 1149-5) and acids (EN 13034). Extended version warrants also intense visibility (EN ISO 20471), thermal insulation (EN 342), waterproofness (EN 343) and protection against electric arc (IEC 61482-2) and sparks during welding works. (EN ISO 11611).

MultiGuard brand includes not only products made from materials of basic protective parameters but also products made from impregnated or permanently retardant textiles. In our products range you can find not only thermally insulating outerwear but also waterproof membrane outerwear. User of MultiGuard products can safely work also in the area of high risk of accidents involving pedestrians in both, daylight conditions and in conditions of insufficient lighting. Tests carried out on MultiGuard prototypes confirm the protective parameters of clothing are preserved even after 100 washing cycles. The tests confirmed also high product resistance to industrial cleaning.

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We recommend completing MultiGuard protective clothing with:

  • V-Gard® 930 protective helmet
  • Uvex Phynomic protective gloves
  • 3M SecurFit protective goggles
  • DURATOR S3 footwear